Our Team

Anna Campbell, Principal

Anna Campbell co-founded Applied Learning Science with Tom Cohenno to expand their reach and impact as learning professionals. As the industry evolves, a broad focus on implementing best-in-class learning and assessments solutions that truly drive the safety of all employees in the energy sector is more critical than ever.

Anna has over 10 years of experience driving organizational performance and employee safety through the use of employee assessment and training tools. As an HR consultant, Anna has partnered with all levels of management to develop strategies to enhance performance by deploying assessment tools to address specific business requirements. She has extensive experience overseeing large scale efforts to develop legally defensible selection systems as well as implementing competency-based performance management tools.

Anna received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from George Mason University and her Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University. She has published several articles and book chapters related to employee hiring and assessment in the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Handbook of Personnel Selection.

Tom Cohenno, Principal

Tom Cohenno is a co-founder of Applied Learning Science, a company that partners with organizations to implement workforce development solutions that prepare technical employees in multiple profit and non-profit sectors. Informed by his many years of experience and education, he helps organizations design and execute learning and workforce development solutions through a comprehensive, scientifically validated approach. He is developing strategic partnerships with equipment and training vendors, as well as academic institutions, to decrease overall training costs.

Tom is an experienced utility and learning professional, starting at Southern California Edison after being discharged from the US Navy in 1983. After an initial tour in power plant operations, Tom transferred to the Transmission and Distribution Business (T&D) unit where he specialized in electrical operations for the first half of his career. He had both line management and staff responsibilities. 

After earning a graduate degree in Human Resources, Tom worked in Labor Relations. He subsequently earned an MBA and a Doctorate in Education (with an emphasis in corporate education and OD) at Claremont Graduate School and Pepperdine University, respectively. He then served as the Principal Manager of Training for the T&D business unit until becoming the Director of Learning, Leadership and Org Development for SCE. He retired in 2015 to start Applied Learning Science.

Marcy Willis, Principal Consultant

Marcy Willis is a change agent with exceptional acumen in all aspects of training, organization development and leadership coaching. Her passion for supporting diverse individuals, teams and organizations through the change process, is matched by her personal warmth, creativity and genuine devotion to driving the success of every initiative that she touches. Her consultative vision provides clients with navigational guidance through the murkiest of ambiguities. Strong analytic and evaluative skills have been honed by years of experience, leading to improved client performance and effectiveness. Clients view Ms. Willis as a trusted partner.

Marcy recently concluded a 4.5 year tour with Southern California Edison as a Training Program Manager in Human Resources. Ms. Willis was a key player in the transformation of a critical technical training organization, by managing the systematic redesign of two separate 3-year job skills training programs for Apprentice Linemen. During that time, she also provided team building, coaching and facilitation support for leadership development, which improved team effectiveness and communication skills for clients in Customer Service, Engineering, and the electric power lines. She facilitated leadership development modules for new-to-role supervisors and managers. She is currently leading the development and implementation of a 360-degree assessment for a major California educational system. This includes the coaching support necessary to implement individual development plans.

Ms. Willis earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior and Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and holds certifications including: Prosci Change Management, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC, EQ-i 2.0, Risk Type Compass and Insights Discovery.

Greg Cole

Greg Cole is a project manager and instructional designer with over 15 years of experience managing, designing, developing, and delivering effective training solutions. He is experienced with leading teams in the creation and delivery of instructional media ranging from traditional lecture settings to interactive web-based courseware and electronic performance support systems. His approach goes beyond the typical consulting assessment process in order to gain a deeper understanding of an organization and create a genuine impact.

Tempered in both public and private sectors of corporate training, Greg has worked with military pilots, engineers, and information technology experts using a comprehensive method that involves all levels of an organization to develop an aligned culture, which ensures maximum buy-in and positive change. He believes the bridge from concept to implementation is formed through a systematic approach that is not only integrally tied to best practices, but also continuously demonstrates for the client what each step of success looks like.

Greg earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education from San Diego State University. During his studies he was selected by the Director of SDSU's College of Education to conduct an expansive evaluation of the Joint Doctoral Program with the University of San Diego.

John Luttrell

John Luttrell is a pioneer in the field of multimedia communication with over 30 years of experience producing content and managing training and technical communication projects. His solutions and methodologies have helped some of the world’s most recognizable Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of industries to communicate more effectively with their audiences.

During the emergence of the fields of Internet technology and streaming media in the 1990s, John developed a process called Integrated Multimedia. This process transforms presentations and classroom training into dynamic, engaging online content. Using a methodology he coined “The Taming of the SME,” John collaborates with subject matter experts to capture their expertise and translate it into the development of content that is relevant and applicable. This scenario-based approach, combined with connecting the design to job role-related competencies, results in learning that is targeted and has measurable results.

A graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, Arizona, where he studied Electronics Engineering Technology, John is a self-professed tinkerer and loves to dig deep into technology to find solutions. He also studied at MIT in a program called “Communicating Technical Information.” John is a Windows Media Solutions Provider and has spoken about his process and methodology at industry organizations such as the Association for Talent Development (ATD/ASTD), the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and the Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Sarah Deiuliis

Sarah Deiuliis is a motivated and detail-oriented change management and learning development consultant. She leverages her background in psychology to develop open and understanding relationships with clients to more fully discern their motivations and training development needs. She also utilizes her background in English to provide assistance with writing and editing documents and publications, notably articles published in T&D World Magazine.

During her internship at a local social services agency, Sarah spearheaded a project, including analysis of focus group data and composition of official agency report on findings, to assess and improve organizational effectiveness. This undertaking was significant because it had direct implications regarding how to increase assistance provided to the county’s most vulnerable population, namely foster care children and their families. Sarah has also worked in a team to develop an online training program for coaches in a sports league for children and young adults with special needs. She is currently assisting with development of technical training programs at TRC Solutions, Inc.

Sarah earned her Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology (M.S.) at California State University, Long Beach, and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (B.S.) with an additional major in English at Carnegie Mellon University.

Tim Tennimon

Tim Tennimon has over 30 years of experience in the Electrical Utility Industry as a Project Manager as well as Senior Test and Commissioning Engineering. He has experience commissioning new and existing substations for major utilities, municipalities, and cogeneration facilities. His responsibilities have included protective and control scheme testing on the bulk electrical system in addition to planning, scheduling, and coordinating equipment maintenance and testing programs in compliance with PUC and NERC requirements.

Tim has worked with organizations to develop and implement strategies for infrastructure replacement programs and has devised plans to maintain adequate equipment replacement inventories. He has integrated complimentary safety and technical training to ensure that the customer’s electrical system operates in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Additionally, Tim developed programs to manage equipment failures through identification of issues and subsequently coordinated with Operations, Engineering, and Protection to determine the actions and resources needed to effectively address system reliability.

Beyond the utility industry, Tim held the position of California State Director in a political organization that fought for motorcyclist’s rights on road as well as off road. In this role, he operated the association’s state office, organized 52 independent charters across the state, and worked with the state lobbyist and Political Action Committees regarding any and all pertinent State Bills and Assembly Bills.

Tim studied at the University of Tennessee before completing training in Electronic Technology with the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. While at Southern California Edison, he completed extensive training in transmission- and substation-applied protective relaying and the design and construction of high voltage substations.

Neesha Daulat

Neesha Daulat is an organizational development and culture enthusiast as well as aspiring practitioner. She offers a wealth of innovative and unique knowledge including behavioral neuroscience, education, and positive organizational psychology.

Before beginning her budding consulting career, Neesha taught high school science, worked in a student-run leadership development consulting firm, and interned at Morning Star Tomato Packing Company. Through her teaching experience, Neesha gained exemplary skills in developing and facilitating training sessions. While involved in the student-run consulting firm, she administered 360 degree assessments and organized an assessment center for Getty Leadership Institute Fellowship affiliated museum leaders. During her internship, Neesha worked on a number of organizational culture and colleague development initiatives including redesigning and rewriting the employee handbook and evaluating the current state of the self-management culture.

The notable projects that Neesha has worked on at Applied Learning Science include assessing HVAC programs offered in a number of California Community Colleges, designing an instructor preparation course, and developing survey items for 360 degree assessments.

Neesha has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of San Diego, a Master’s in Education from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and a Master’s in Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Positive Organizational Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. Her research focuses on occupational well-being, leadership, and culture.